Programme plan

London faces its own very particular challenges in reducing waste and increasing recycling. Resource London provides a range of support to London waste authorities to help them to save money whilst continuing to maintain high service standards.

It helps the city move towards the Mayor of London’s ambition for London to achieve 65% recycling by 2030 and make a significant contribution towards England achieving the 50% household waste recycling target by 2020.

Most importantly, Resource London means more support for London waste authorities at a time when we’re striving to deliver excellence in our services against the back drop of austerity. Launched in February 2015 and operational since April 2015 it provides London waste authorities with specific, targeted and tailored regional and local support.

The programme identifies opportunities to work with waste authorities, tailoring support offerings to meet the needs of the particular authority and deliver the greatest available savings and recycling rate improvements.

Resource London is underpinned by a comprehensive behaviour change programme.

Interm Resource London Programme Delivery Plan