Partnership Board

Resource London is governed through a Partnership Board constituted as an LWARB Committee. In November 2014, the LWARB Board agreed the core membership comprising a nominated LWARB Chair, LWARB COO and a member of the WRAP Executive Board.

The LWARB Board delegated responsibility to these representatives and appointed the remaining members of the committee from key London stakeholders. The final Partnership Board comprises of the following members:

  • Cllr Clyde Loakes (chair), LWARB
  • Cllr Feryal Clark, LWARB
  • Peter Maddox, WRAP
  • Niall Bolger, the Chief Executives London Committee (CELC) and LB Sutton
  • Keith Townsend – London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNET), LB Ealing

In addition there are three non-voting observers from the GLA, London Councils and LWARB:

  • Andrew Dunwoody, GLA
  • Katharina Winbeck, London Councils
  • Wayne Hubbard, LWARB

The benefits of a partnership approach

The Partnership will allow LWARB and WRAP to:

  • Deliver common objectives;
  • Capture efficiencies in delivery (better value for money); and
  • Bring in new stakeholders and funding to help deliver the programme

For London boroughs the Partnership will create a one agency approach providing specific, focused and tailored regional and local support.

Resource London Partnership Board Terms of Reference