Tackling Contamination

Resource London is working with London’s waste authorities to reduce contamination, to increase the quality of recyclate and London’s recycling rate. London boroughs have cited contamination in the recycling stream to be an on-going issue, leading to increased service costs and affecting their recycling rate.

Cost of contamination toolkit

The Cost of Contamination toolkit is a free online tool to help local authorities calculate the cost of contamination in the recycling service.

The toolkit will aid boroughs in calculating the true cost of contamination in the recycling supply chain and the results could help secure internal funding to tackle the issue.

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Local authority support project

Resource London is currently working with six London boroughs to support them in reducing contamination in the domestic recycling collection stream. The aim of this support is to help the boroughs identify what is the likely cause of, and estimated cost of, contamination in the recycling supply chain. We will then work with the boroughs to design and implement interventions that will address that cause, thereby reducing contamination; decreasing service costs; improving the quality of recycling and ultimately increasing the recycling rate. Results of the interventions will be shared on our website at the end of this year.