London Recycles ‘One Bin is Rubbish’ Toolkit

From 2017 – 2020, London Recycles ran a campaign aimed at the large segment of Londoners who recycle little, or nothing at all. Whilst the segmentation was value-based, 18-34-year olds’ over-indexed in this group, and so in the main, that campaign was aimed at a younger audience. Research showed that one of the key barriers to successful recycling for this segment was only having one bin at home for rubbish. Another barrier was confusion around what can and can’t be recycled. As a response to these specific challenges, London Recycles designed the ‘One Bin is Rubbish’ campaign with the aim of encouraging younger Londoners to sort a second bin in their home, just for recycling, to help them better understand what can and can’t be recycled.

The following downloadable assets can be used by boroughs to communicate with their younger residents (18-34 primarily with an option to extend to 44). The assets cover out-of-home, print and social advertising. The static assets are downloadable as PDF and InDesign formats, for adapting with borough logos. The animated assets are MP4 video files with accompanying copy provided.

The London Recycles ‘One Bin is Rubbish’ toolkit is designed to work alongside the Plastics Communications toolkit.

Toolkit for flats recycling package

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