Guide to improving waste management in the domestic rented sector

Resource London and the London Environment Directors Network (LEDNET) have launched a guide identifying a number of areas in which London Boroughs can work more effectively with tenants and landlords to tackle waste management problems in the domestic rented sector. Specialist waste management consultancy Eunomia was commissioned to develop the guide, after research suggested that issues including excess waste, difficulty in containing waste, and high levels of recycling contamination from the rented sector contribute to poor street scene and represent a barrier to reinvigorating recycling in London.

The guide suggests councils looking to make improvements should use a number of levers. Recommendations include:

  • incorporating waste management into landlord licensing processes
  • using tenancy agreements to communicate responsibilities to tenants
  • Make targeted communications for landlords and tenants on responsibilities and how to use the waste services available

Recommendations are backed up by case studies and good practice examples. A total of six sections are covered in the guide including: communications, collaboration, tenancy agreements, waste collection service provision and policies, licencing and enforcement.

The guide and its appendix are available to download at the following links:

Guide to improving waste management in the domestic rented sector

Guide to improving waste management in the domestic rented sector – appendix