Covid-19 research and guidance

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on every aspect of our lives, from the pattern of business activity, to where we shop and how we socialise. For London waste authorities this impacts how they deliver services. The capital’s local authorities have had to be responsive and adaptive to maintain their domestic and commercial waste and recycling collection services, whilst attempting to forecast the ongoing impact COVID-19 will have – which is particularly important given the likelihood now of a second wave.

LWARB commissioned research and developed guidance to help London local authorities respond to the pandemic in certain key areas including:

Commercial waste adaptation

LWARB are running a COVID-19 adaptation project for commercial waste services, split into two phases. Our phase one report from July 2020 addresses the immediate impact COVID-19 had on commercial waste services. In October 2020 we published our phase two report which aims to help London local authorities understand the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on commercial waste tonnages and composition.

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London learnings

In order to strengthen London’s local government preparedness for any future lockdown measures (in light of the ongoing pandemic), the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) surveyed London’s waste authorities to establish what measures they introduced to protect waste and recycling services during the March 2020 COVID- 19 lockdown. This report summarises the findings of those surveys.

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Adapting waste services to COVID-19 webinar

LWARB hosted this webinar to share knowledge on the research projects shared on this page. Listen to hear insights on; A study to predict the impact of COVID-19 on commercial waste volumes and composition within London; Learnings from London waste authorities’ responses to the need to protect waste and recycling services during the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown; and; An extension to the waste compositional study conducted as part of the ‘Making recycling work for people in flats’ project, to look at the impact COVID-19 measures have had on waste volumes and composition in purpose built flats.

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Communication assets

A number of downloadable communications assets have been created to help boroughs communicate essential COVID-19 messages to residents. Messages are on topics such as encouraging people to keep recycling; avoiding clear-outs; treating collections teams with respect and consideration; fly-tipping and mask littering; and the opening of HWRCs. The materials have been designed to be used primarily on social media, but can also be used on other digital platforms, such as websites, and in newspapers and direct mail-outs.

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