Cost of Contamination Toolkit

Resource London is working with London’s waste authorities to reduce contamination, with the aim of increasing both the quality of recyclate and London’s recycling rate. The Cost of Contamination Toolkit will support this work by providing authorities with a means to calculate an estimate of the true cost of contamination within their recycling service. This may help to secure internal resources and funding to tackle the issue. The toolkit was funded by Resource London in partnership with LEDNET.

The recycling supply chain:


The recycling supply chain


The purpose of the Cost of Contamination Toolkit is to:

  • Calculate the true cost of contamination in the recycling stream. For example, the cost of communications or additional contractor costs

The toolkit offers benefits to users as it can:

  • Provide officers with evidence to secure internal resources and funding to help tackle the issue
  • Provide in-depth service information which can be used for reporting to members

Users are required to enter information on their recycling services, which will include current actions being taken to reduce contamination in areas such as communications, collections, bulking and treatment. The toolkit contains a detailed user guide.

The results created will be in a usable format and will include graphs and tables with cost per tonne, and cost per household, of contamination in the recycling supply chain.

The Cost of Contamination toolkit is a macro-enabled Excel tool. To ensure it operates correctly on your system, please ensure that macros are enabled within Excel before downloading the toolkit.  It is also advised to save the toolkit in a trusted location as soon as you have downloaded it e.g. in My Docs rather than on a SharePoint site (these sites are sometimes not considered trusted sites by IT administrators). Please also note that the toolkit AutoSaves and will prompt you to save the document when you go to close it.

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