Fashion salvage big night out

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On Thursday 27th November a new take on a re-use and recycling event took place at LMB’s recycling warehouse in Canning Town, east London.

Love Your Clothes ran its first ever Fashion Salvage event attended by almost 50 fashion bloggers, journalists, students and fashion industry insiders, and proved what we knew all along: that everyone loves a good rummage!

Fashion Salvage event by textile recycling warehouse, Canning Town, London

Funded and supported by the London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB), the event was designed to raise the issue of textiles waste in London amongst a younger fashion-conscious audience. Delivered as part of a project funded by LWARB through the London Textiles Forum, it aimed to encourage a more creative approach to our wardrobes as well as a more sustainable approach to buying new clothes.

350,000 tonnes or £140m worth of clothing goes into landfill in the UK every year, and £30billion worth sits unloved at the back of our wardrobes. Thursday’s event provided fashion industry influencers the opportunity to see what that waste looks like, first hand.

Fashion Salvage event by textile recycling warehouse, Canning Town, London

LMB, an active member of the London Textile Forum, processes up to 200 tonnes of textiles a week, around 50 tonnes of which was out in cages and on conveyor belts for people to rummage through on the night. Their task was to create a party outfit from what they found – and the result was an incredible range of styles and creations.

Love your clothes

Emma Slade, sustainable stylist from Back of the Wardrobe and Barley Massey, upcycling and sewing teacher from Fabrications, led the evening’s activities supported by LMB, Love Your Clothes and a team from the London Waste & Recycling Board.

The event resulted in some extremely positive coverage from prominent bloggers in London and more widely, including a piece in the Scottish Herald ( and a great article on – reaching audiences which may not otherwise engage with the waste message of Love Your Clothes.

(All photos by James McCauley)